As a university student, I think travelling is so essential to learning by experiencing different cultures and seeing different parts of the world. But, you can't be going on these luxury vacations staying in five-star hotels. Check out this category for budget friendly travel guides and experiences.

Couple on the Beach

Traveling with your significant other is a great type of trip to take! It's important to note that your trip needs to cater to both people traveling so it might be different than a trip you would take by yourself! In this category, you'll find great travel guides and places to go  that are perfect for a romantic type of travel experience.

A Waiter Serving a Drink

I've been lucky enough to tag along with my family on a couple luxurious trips as well as been gifted some awesome luxury experiences while I'm traveling. This is all about luxury restaurants, hotels and experiences. If you get the opportunity to travel luxuriously, this is the category for you.