Dinner On top of the Calgary Tower | Sky360 Restaurant

My first night in Calgary was very luxurious; I was taken to the Calgary Tower's rotating restaurant called Sky360. You had to take this huge elevator from the bottom of the building all the way to the top, you could feel your ears popping with every floor we climbed. Our reservation was from 5pm so that we could catch the beautiful city views before the sun went down completely; I'm glad we did! On the viewing deck, you could see panoramic views of the city and they even had clear transparent floor, so that you could see how high up we really were; made me a little lightheaded looking through my feet to the city way down below, but an experience I'll never forget. At the end of our experience, we roamed the gift shop until we found a cute little cowboy boot shot glass that my date got me as a little memory from my time in Calgary and at the Calgary Tower.

The Food

The menu at the Sky360 restaurant is very detailed and honestly, very expensive! I got a very delicious pasta for $33 and my Raspberry Bellini was $8. Since this was my first time in Calgary, I'm still 18 years old and the drinking age in BC (where I'm from) is 19. So technically, the Raspberry Bellini I ordered was my first ever LEGAL drink because the drinking age is 18 in Alberta. When my pasta came, the mere smell of it made me salivate instantly. I didn't think our meal could get any better than the amazing Bellini and the pasta, but it did! For dessert, we ordered the white chocolate pumpkin mousse dome, it was one of the best desserts I think I've ever ordered. It was SO good, I was spoon-fighting for the last bites with my date! I would definitely recommend if you get a chance to eat at the Sky360 rotating restaurant!

For more information about the Sky360 restaurant in Calgary click the link below!