A Two Night Camping Trip in Kananaskis Country, Alberta

I've never really done a lot of camping trips, but the location of this camping trip was unreal! Kananaskis Country is home to mountain ranges in every direction, the most beautiful lakes, and some awesome hikes. This was my second time ever going camping and the first time I've ever gone in the mountains. I think your camping experience is impacted depending on the people you're with as well, so choose wisely! We had a great time camping with great people and already are planning our next camping trip out to Kananaskis Country! Now let's get into the specifics about everything we did from Thursday night to Saturday morning.

Mount Kidd Campground

We stayed two nights (Thursday night & Friday night) at the campground in area "F" on site 5. We particularly liked this site since it was pretty far away from the other sites, so at night it felt like you were in the middle of the wilderness! Area "F" had the campsites with no service, which is all we needed since we were tenting! Even though we brought our little BBQ with us to use for cooking, the campfires did have a little grill-type thing on top of the fires so that you can cook on the fire if you needed to. Overall, the campground was really well maintained and had a cute little convenience store where you can buy supplies you forgot or get ice cream or mini donuts as well! There was also horseshoe pits and volleyball courts as well as a lot of open grass space where you can play frisbee or throw a football with incredible mountain views of Mount Kidd. The only real concern I had was there was a few bear sitings close to our lot (not by us), so that was a bit alarming, so I'd definitely carry bear spray and the campground has strict rules about putting coolers away at night. All in all, it was a great campground in a great location and I'd definitely go there again!

Troll Falls Hike

This hike was about a 5 minute drive from our campground and is considered an "easy" hike (so right up my ally lol!). It's about 20 minutes up to the falls and 20 minutes down (3.4km in total). The first view point is a little clearing of grass and you can see a beautiful mountain range, and then at the top there is a pretty decently sized waterfall. The hike wasn't too busy but it is definitely one of the more trafficked hikes since it's a perfect hike for kids since it's easy.

Wedge Pond

This pond was an amazing find and was only a 3 minute drive from our campground at Mount Kidd! Even though it's technically called a pond, it is pretty decent in size and is stunning. I thought it would have been busier on a Friday afternoon, but I think it's a less "known" lake to the people of Alberta. The water wasn't too cold and since it was a hot day, we brought our blow up tubes and floated for a while. This area is definitely great for kids and is super easy to find since it's basically right off the highway. If you're sick of the heavily trafficked Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, go visit Wedge Pond instead for the day, it's truly memorizing (my pictures look like the background is a green screen!). There is also a nice little walk around the entire pond that you can do to see all the panoramic views of the pond and the mountains! I definitely recommend checking it out (also alcohol is permitted, so bring your drinks!).

Overall, we had a great little camping trip for the long weekend! If there are any other questions you have for me, please leave a comment or email me at thebabeabroad@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!!