5 Kelowna Small Businesses That You Can Support During The Covid-19 Pandemic

This insane time in our world has caused for massive amounts of change in everybody's lives. There has been travel bans put into place, closures of restaurants/entertainment and strong mandate from our Canadian government and the World Health Organization to stay home. These changes have caused a large disruption in our economy and it is now affecting the small businesses in our community whom we love so much. This post is to remind you of a few of my favourite small businesses that you can support during this time of distress during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

1. Josefina & Co

(Handmade hair scrunchies and accessories)

I found this company on Instagram and I fell in love with their hair clips! They are handmade and handpicked so very high quality and very trendy/in-style right now! 

You can purchase here: Josefinaandco.com

2. Rad Jamz

(Jams and Preserves)

Now this company has a special place in my heart (and tummy). I found out about this jam at brunch with Courtney at De Dutch when our server recommended this cool jam that they had, strawberry chilli jam! I fell in love with the flavour and now is I always need at least two jars in my fridge at all times! They have some really cool flavours that will be the best thing you'll ever had to your toast or charcuterie board! They can ship the jam right to your house so that you can still practise good social-distancing and stay home!

You can purchase through Instagram DM here: @radjamz

3. Parlour Ice Cream 

 model: @shanelle.connell // photographer: @littledovephotography

(Local Ice Cream Parlour)

It's warming up in the Okanagan, so why not chill out with a pint of incredible locally made gelato ice cream?! To comply with social-distancing standards, you cannot sit and eat your ice cream inside, but you CAN buy pints of ice cream TO GO (which I think is a great option). My favourite flavour is the Lavender (they actually use Kelowna lavender to make it). This is a great local company to support, plus ICE CREAM so why not right?!

You can purchase at their store: 1571 Abbott St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1A8

4. Tail Blazers

(Local Pet Store)

Your furry friends can take part in supporting small businesses in Kelowna too! Tail Blazer's is a local pet store that sells dog and cat food/treats. They are taking precautions because of the covid-19 outbreak by only allowing 5 customers in the store at once and keeping a 6ft distance from anyone in the store. They are ensuring that they are disinfecting and sanitizing as much as they can to make sure it's a safe space to buy food for your fur babies! 

You can find them here: tailblazerspets.com

5. Sajiva Kombucha

(Local Kombucha Company)

I'm sure you've heard of Kombucha and it's long list of health benefits, so here's a local company that makes it whom you can support while keeping yourself healthy! You can shop online and your kombucha case can be delivered to you and the company is offering FREE delivery on case orders within Kelowna! 

You can purchase them through their website: sajivakombucha.com

These five businesses have products that I've personally used and I would love to see them continue to succeed through this hard time. Most of these businesses have options to ship directly to you or there will be minimal contact to go pick up! If you have any questions or overall comments about these businesses feel free to DM me or leave a comment below! 

Thank guys! Stay safe and healthy!