The Balance Between School and my Business and MORE

Hello!! Yes, I know, it's been a while! I've been busy trying to start my Youtube career, and I must say, it's a slow roll, lots of patience is required. If you haven't checked it out yet DO IT! I wanted to address a question I get A LOT! All of my friends always ask me how I manage to juggle everything in my life at once. When I say everything, I mean juggling..

1. GOING TO SCHOOL FULL TIME = I have a full course load of five courses per semester, so 10 courses per year that I take at UBC Okanagan, as I'm planning on getting a bachelors in Psychology and attend naturopathic school. This by itself is a crap ton of work and it takes up most of my time, it's also my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Doing well in school has been and always will be my first priority before anything else (other than my health and my family of course).

2. MY BUSINESSES = I always get asked "Alexis, why are you not majoring in business if you love business so much?!" I love business YES, but I would love to pursue being a naturopathic doctor and be able to keep my businesses going on the side as well. Also, I have my own business professor (not formally) in my own home! My dad has been very successful with his many, many business ventures as an entrepreneur, so any questions I have about starting my own, I always have the perfect person to ask! I own my own clothing label called INFATUATION THE LABEL and it's all about promoting women to be infatuated with themselves and support other women in their endeavours! It's something I'm very passionate about so building that was more fun than work! Also as you all know, I have a beautiful community of people on my social media, primary Instagram as @THEBABEABROAD ! Both of these businesses are TONS of work to keep running, so I spend most of my time before/between class to work on these!

3. MY PART TIME JOB = Lots of you may not know this about me, but I also work part time at a restaurant in Kelowna! But... it's difficult to call it "work" because I love the people so much and I love my job there! I work 2-3 times a week during the school year. The majority of people I meet at school don't work while they're in school and I'm always so jealous because work takes up lots of my nights! But I don't really have a choice to work during the school year or not... I have bills to pay.

4. MY SOCIAL LIFE = In my first year of university, I was less social with people. YES I had friends, but I didn't live on campus and I wasn't 19 yet, so I didn't really have the chance to spend a lot of time with those friends and build those friendships. I also went through a break up and got into a new long distance relationship, so there was a lot going on! And a long distance relationship is a huge priority in itself! But this year OH MY! I've been a little social butterfly lately! I have made some amazing girlfriends here in Kelowna who keep me sane through all of the craziness in my life! It can be difficult to maintain these friendships though since I work lots of nights, but we all make it work!

5. MY FAMILY = Family has always been, and will always be the most important thing in my life. My parents raised me so well, with the best living conditions, with the most love, the most support and I'm so thankful for that. I was a good kid (for the most part). I never got into drugs or smoking or anything like that, I was raised phenomenally. The only thing I did was I hid my first boyfriend from my parents when I was 13 lol oops! My parents did everything they could to give my brother and I everything we ever wanted, but at the same time made us work for stuff we wanted to buy. They support me in everything I do and it will always be my priority to maintain close relationships with them.

So YES... it's a lot when I lay it all out for you, but it really isn't when you plan out your weeks like I do. Fun fact... my dad used to make me write out schedules for my week so he knew how much I was hanging out with my boyfriend! And I used to despise him for making me do that, but it was actually so helpful and now I've implanted it into my daily life to help me maintain sanity through my busy schedule! I'm very committed to each of these 5 parts of my life, some obviously more than others and I would love to help anybody else out who is struggling with balance because as a young entrepreneur, that has always been my biggest struggle and I'm happy to say I'm working on it everyday!

So if I could give you all advice for juggling a busy life, I would recommend:

- Planning your week ahead

- Dedicate some "ME TIME" for yourself to chill

- Keep yourself organized in every aspect of your life in some way

- WORK HARD = I talk about juggling all of this in my life is a hassle but really it's not.. I'm thankful to have these hassles because it means I'm working hard. No it's not easy, but if it was easy, everybody would be successful right?

Just because it seems impossible, doesn't mean it is. Finding balance in your life will always be a challenge in every stage of your life, you'll always feel like you are giving one of your priorities too much time over another and it's all about adjusting constantly.

If you made it this far WOW YOU'RE AMAZING! I wish you a wonderful day!

Until next time! xoxo