Upcoming Travel Destinations for 2019

February = Phoenix, Arizona

You all know I'm a University student at UBCO and I don't have much time to travel while I'm in school but I will definitely utilize my reading break I get in February! Since I have lots of close family that live down there, my whole family and my boyfriend are all spending a week in the desert while it's cold here in Kelowna!

May - Banff, Alberta

Since I got to visit Banff for my first time this year in 2018, I've made it a priority to visit at least once in the winter and once in the summer since it is so dang BEAUTIFUL! I think I've convinced my family to visit as well at this time since its a great place to celebrate his 18th birthday because the legal age is 18!

July = Europe

This plan is a bit tentative still since I haven't fully committed to this yet. If I were to go, it would be in July and I would probably go with my mum because she is actually from Czech, so I would meet a lot of family that I've never met before and would see the other side of the world for the first time!

August = Toronto, Ontario

This plan is also a bit tentative, if I went to Europe, I'm not sure I would follow through with this plan but I've actually never really been to Toronto, other than layovers while I'm traveling other places. I have a few cousins that live there so it would be so nice to see them again and let them show me their home!

December = New York, New York

After staying around Kelowna this Christmas, my mum and I got that travel bug feeling and decided we want to see New York at Christmas time with the big Christmas tree! I went to New York last May and absolutely fell in love with ti, mostly because I'm a huge theatre geek after doing theatre for 10 years of my life growing up and I LOVE watching all the amazing broadway shows. I can't wait to go back!

Lots = Calgary, Alberta

As you all know, my boyfriend lives in Calgary and since we are doing a long distance relationship, we fly to see each other quite a bit, so you can also expect lots of Calgary content coming your way in the New Year too!