Transform Your Breakdown into a Breakthrough | Priizm

I was feeling extremely down and stressed about my upcoming school year. I'm going into my second year of university majoring in Psychology and there are some pretty high standards I need to meet for some of my courses.

There are 2 courses this year that are based around statistical math that I need to get an 80% in to pass and move forward in my degree. And I just felt super down and anxious about starting this school year. So I called PRIIZM.

Priizm is a platform that connects you with a life coach online; you get a 30 minute 1 on 1 phone call with one of them. My life coach was extremely helpful in understanding my struggle and helping me achieve clarity and confidence in myself. I am no longer anxious about the unknowns of this upcoming school year, I am excited to give it my all and I'm thankful for the opportunity to even take those difficult courses.

Achieve clarity in any aspect of your life in only 30 minutes. There is no contract or subscription and it is only $50 per call. Plus, everything is kept confidential between you and your life coach. I can give all of you a 20% off your first call if you use my code PRIIZMTHEBABEABROAD

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