Visiting the 50th Parallel Estate Winery in Lake Country, BC

My experience at the 50th Parallel Winery was very relaxing and tasteful. I think I found my favourite wine ever which is the 50th Parallel Estate Gewurztraminer. I highly recommend making this one of your stops on your winery hopping adventures! The winery recently opened a restaurant overlooking their vineyards and the Okanagan Lake, its phenomenal. The staff are all very kind and accommodating to my gluten and nut allergies as well which is always very helpful. I recommend trying the restaurant's charcuterie platter and the Forno-Fired Wagyu Flank Steak, both amazing!

The food and the views were great, but the whole 50th Parallel BLOCK ONE experience was like no other. The whole architecture of the building on the property was amazing, nothing I have ever seen before. No pictures do this place justice, you have to go visit and see for yourself!

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