The Ultimate Calgary, Alberta Travel Guide

Calgary, Alberta is a beautiful city that is known for hosting the legendary Calgary Stampede every summer and home to many tall skyscrapers, and incredible restaurants. The legal adult age in Calgary is 18, which is a year younger than most provinces in Canada. I visit Calgary quite often because my boyfriend is living here while finishing his university degree.

Things To do

Calgary Stampede (Summer)

Every summer in July, the Calgary Stampede is held; a rodeo festival that attracts about a million people every summer! The rodeo attracts many tourists to the city of Calgary.

Sports Games

(Flames, Stampeders, Roughnecks, Hitmen)

Sports are very important to the Calgarians, even though all their sports teams don't usually do well.

Regal Cat Café

There are many cat cafe's that have been popping up around Canada recently, and I got to go to the one in Calgary! For only $10, you get to play with cats and pet them while sipping on a coffee.


Country is a huge music favourite in Calgary! The Cowboys Casino and Nightclub is a popular country club in the city. The EDM scene is pretty large as well in Calgary, many clubs and bars have special EDM events for those who like that type of music!


There are many awesome clubs and bars in the Calgary area. The famous 17th Ave is home to many bars and restaurants in the city. I haven't gone to too many bars and clubs in Calgary, but from my experience so far,

Aussie Rules is a unique bar. It's a duelling piano bar that makes for a fun night.

Marquee is a bar with a pretty big dance floor. There are lots of events that go on here, and they play more of the Top 40 and rap music

Cowboys is a nightclub and casino that plays mostly Top 40 and country! There are lots of events here as well and sometimes they even have special guests that come by and party there as well!


The weather in Calgary is very hormonal. In the winter, don't go outside unless you want your face to freeze off in -40 degrees celcuius temperatures, or you have nine layers of sweaters and jackets. Get used to the snow, because you'll see it for four months straight. But in the summer, temperatures can get up to thirty degrees Celsius.