The Ultimate Labadee, Haiti Travel Guide

 Most people think Labadee, Haiti is an island, but its actually a peninsula contiguous with the island of Hispaniola. It is home to beautiful beaches and views and many activities. 


Since Labadee is mostly populated with tourists who come off of the cruise ships, everyone there can understand English. The language that most of the people who live there speak is French! Since I have a severe allergy, language barriers always scare me, but in Labadee, it was no problem at all; everyone new English!

Things To Do

Worlds Longest Zip Line Over Water

I personally didn't ride the zip line but I watched the many people come screaming down the mountain while riding the fast zip line down to the ocean! It does cost extra for this activity so you'll have to take that into account when planning!


No, its not a Roller Coaster, relax! It's a single person ride that lets you go down the mountain and through the trees seeing the best views on the island! I did get to try this and it is totally worth it!! This also costs extra that you pay for on the island.

Nellie's Beach

This beautiful beach is totally worth parking it for the day. You can rent luxury cabanas on the water and have someone bringing you food and drinks. This is something you can rent on the island but can also book it advance with Royal Caribbean online before getting on that boat. They do fill up quickly so I recommend booking those as soon as possible!



This alcoholic drink is considered famous in Labadee, Haiti. And yes, it's the drink I'm holding in my hand to the right! They have reached a cult-like status that has the most refreshing taste while on the beach. It's a frozen drink that has lots of citrus juice in it, such as orange and pineapple, with lots of rum! Ice plus juice plus rum equals a fun time in Labadee!


Don't be worried about food if you visit Labadee! Since Labadee is on it's own, Royal Caribbean sets up a buffet style sit down outside by the beach. They have burgers, fries, pizza and tons of fruit!


Labadee's weather stays pretty similar throughout the year with lows of 24 to highs of 33. The only thing I would watch out for is hurricane season which is June through October. It's also important to note that Haiti has gone through some of the harshest natural disasters. They had a huge earthquake and tsunami that hit in 2010 which devastated the island, including Labadee.