How To Gain The Most Happiness From Travel

Plan The Best Activities For The END

We judge how "good" the whole vacation actually was by how good the END of the vacation was. So, plan the most exciting activities or excursions for the last couple days of the trip in order to report a very happy and fun vacation.

Take LOTS of Photos and Videos

This has to do with happiness after the vacation. Reminiscing is a huge part of our happiness and we remember all the happy and positive things about the vacation while looking through the photos and videos taken!

Take Lots of Small Trips Rather Than One Big Trip

It doesn't matter where you are going on the trip, the happiness comes from being somewhere that is different from normal! So taking smaller, closer trips, but more of those can make the happiness a lot greater because you know that you will be able to go on another small trip like that soon. Going on a bigger trip may cause for thoughts that have to do with not going on vacation for a while.


Taking a vacation with money you don't have causes for a great decline in happiness during the trip. Worrying about money is a very powerful force that steals a lot of happiness no matter the circumstances.

Relaxing Vacations vs. Action Packed Vacations

Both types of vacations increase happiness, but the evidence shows that the relaxing vacations increase your happiness a tad more! This is because relaxing isn't something you normally do everyday when you're back at home and working, so having that type to disconnect from the world, social media and just relax and focus on what's important, that increases your happiness the most!