The Realities Of Traveling As A Couple

Choose A Destination You Both Are Excited About

It's important to travel to a place where there is mutual excitement. The trip will be so much more enjoyable this way. It also helps if you both have never been before!

Plan Your Eating Schedule So Nobody Gets HANGRY

(Hungry + Angry)

This is a huge danger. If you or your partner are hangry, it is not fun for either of you. Try and eat before you get to this point to avoid any over emotional decisions are arguments. Plan the approximate times you will eat your meals throughout the day to help even further to avoid hangriness!


Try new things! It is almost guaranteed that your partner will be more interested in certain activities that you couldn't care less about, but there has to be a compromise so you both can have a good time! This also goes for restaurants! If one night your partner is craving some sushi, go there one night and then maybe go to a place you especially enjoy another night! Compromise is what makes the trip fun for the both of you and brings you closer as a couple.

Take Lots Of Pictures

Preserving travel memories is so important for your happiness. Going on a vacation with your partner is so exciting and you will want to remember it forever. Take as many pictures as you can and when you get back you can put them in frames or scrapbook. Don't be afraid to ask someone to snap a picture of the two of you!

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Stay In The Moment

Sometimes it can be a little stressful planning things while you are on vacation and making sure you have enough to eat and so on. But, it is so crucial that you stay in the moment and enjoy it! You are only on vacation for a limited time, enjoy yourself!!