How To Stay Healthy While On Vacation


1) Beware Of Buffets

There are so many delicious choices, so you don't end up choosing, you just try it all! Also, most of the plates they give you to use are huge and it's super easy to oversee how much you are really eating with a big plate. Try and find a smaller plate and you could trick your brain into eating less!

2) Pack Snacks

If you are in a tropical location, take some healthy snacks with you from your room to the beach. If you are in a destination that is a little colder, carry a backpack with some healthy snacks as well around with you. This helps the unnecessary snacks that you buy when you get a little hungry.

3) Watch Out For Drinks

Ordering a drink or two isn't a problem, but some of the more sugary drinks can really start accumulating. Make sure you're aware of how many drinks you've had!


4) Take The Stairs

You know that mini voice in your head that tells you that you could be healthy and take the stairs when the elevator is taking too long? LISTEN TO THAT VOICE! Taking the stairs can really help just get your heart rate up for a short time and make your body feel good.

5) Hikes

Even though it can be really fun to lay around by the pool or the ocean all day and order drinks and food, it is a lot healthier and really fun to go on a hike! Search up online some local hikes in the area and hike it! You'll also get some gorgeous pictures at the top as well!


6) Get Off Your Phone

Try and stay away from your phone as much as you can during the day, other than using the camera! Get off social media and enjoy the lovely vacation that you're on.

7) Stay mindful and Be Thankful

If you are on a vacation, you are very fortunate! Be thankful that you are on the trip and be thankful for whoever you are with. Try your best to clear your mind and relax as much as you can before having to go back to reality.