How To Maintain Healthy Hair On Vacation | Garnier Canada

Keeping my hair healthy can be a struggle when on holiday, but this new product makes it happen! I tried the new Garnier Hair Mask and it did wonders to my hair! It's Garnier Canada's first ever 98% natural derived hair mask that has three possible uses! My new Garnier Fructis Hair Treats are their first 98% naturally derived hair masks, enriched with super fruits, with 3 different ways to use it and only one result: Super Hair! It is a natural-origin, 3-in-1 product that is designed to smoothen, strengthen, repair, revive colour and nourish your hair.

1) One Minute Hair Mask

2) Conditioner

3) Leave In

I used it as a one minute hair mask and I could totally feel the difference in the health and volume of my hair. Giving your hair that "treat" really helps while on vacation, especially when your hair is soaking the sunshine and salty ocean water. No need to worry about unhealthy hair on vacation anymore!

Thanks to Garnier's new hair treats, my hair continues to have a lot of volume and style while I'm on vacation!