How To Travel Cheaper As A Broke College Student

1) Pack Light

Checking a bag with an airline can be expensive. Try and pack your stuff into a carry on and your personal item so that you can save that money instead. The key to this is to pack stuff that you can re-wear a couple times. If you are traveling to a cold destination, this can be even trickier with all those big coats and boots. Check out this article for tips on how to pack SMART for a cold destination!

2) Roadtrip

Flights are expensive period. There is nothing you can really do about that. Another option is to take the car and drive to a destination, even if you have to stop at a hotel or two along the way! It can still be cheaper than flying.

3) Don't Eat Out

Now, as college students we can all admit how lazy we get and how often we grab fast food because it is more convenient! I'm not arguing with you, IT IS more convenient. But, if we just take five minutes in the morning to pack a sandwich and some fruit or a salad, and not spend the 8$ on a subway sandwich or a six piece chicken nugget meal, that's a quick way to save some money.

4) Study Abroad

This isn't for everybody, I know. But, this is a great way to travel and experience the culture in a specific travel destination on your bucket list!

5) Get Familiar with Public Transit

Ubers and taxis do add up, and if you want to save a lot of money, learn the public transit system.

6) Greyhound Buses

Even though it may take a lot longer by bus, it can be A LOT cheaper than flying to a destination, so keep that option open!

7) Bring A Water Bottle

Paying for pop and water accumulates really fast, and that money can get you another night in a hostel every week.

8) Low-Peak Season

Avoid traveling in the summer or holidays because those times are usually the most expensive.