Visiting Banff, Alberta (Winter)

From Calgary, we decided to take a little road trip back to Kelowna; but we decided to take the scenic route and stayed a night in Banff! Banff is about an hour and a half drive away from Calgary. The drive was very exciting since Calgary is so flat, when you start to see these gigantic mountains, it is some of the prettiest sights I've ever seen. I think another crucial aspect of what made the trip so memorable was who was with me. Logan was a very fun road trip partner and we made some great memories in Banff that are unforgettable.

When we got into Banff, we dropped all of our stuff off at our Airbnb and then took off again to explore the city of Banff more. The city was full of cute little outlet shops, souvenir stores and restaurants. There was also weirdly, a lot of fossil stores which for some reason got Logan really excited, so I was dragged into every fossil and rock store LOL.

Me every time we saw another fossil store:

I also got a little souvenir from Banff at one of the shops, it was hard to choose because there were so many cool souvenirs. But, if you know me at all, I LOVE mugs. So that's what I got :) We continued to walk around until about dinner time, and then we stopped in at the Earls for some drinks and dinner. This was my last legal drink for a while until I come back to Alberta because the next day we were going back into BC where the drinking age is 19 again, not impressed. But I had a strawberry margarita at happy hour as my last drink and it was yummy.

After dinner, we did something I have never done before. We drove up to the Banff Upper Hot Springs! I loved how warm the water was and it was fun that we did it at night because all the stars were out! We also had a really great sleep that night since that experience was so relaxing! The next day we headed out of Banff and started our trek back to Kelowna. BUT, we decided to make one quick stop on the way before leaving Banff completely! We stopped at Lake Louise! Since it's wintertime, the lake is completely frozen over, but man, was it pretty.