Staying At The Watermark Beach Resort in Osoyoos, BC

The Watermark Beach Resort is a perfect hotel for a little staycation in Osoyoos, BC. The hotel is family friendly, with many activities that will keep your kids busy while you can enjoy some time to relax by the pool or the beach. The pool features a waterslide and many comfy sofa chairs to lay on. The resort is in a phenomenal location with direct access to the lake (which by the way, is considered the warmest lake in BC), where you can float on blow ups and get that perfect tan without getting too hot.

The hotel is situated in the middle of town so it is just a ten minute walk to Tim Hortans! There is also a farm to table restaurant that has an awesome menu! My personal favourite from the restaurant is the hummus and tzatziki with pita break; it is the best I have ever had. The restaurant is also very careful with any allergies that someone at the table has, I have a severe nut allergy and they were very caring and helpful toward my allergy which made me feel safe and comfortable.

The best time to go is defiantly the summertime so you can enjoy the outdoor pool and the lake. I was at the resort for only two nights, but it was a great experience and I will defiantly do it again! The drive from Kelowna to Osoyoos was beautiful with many cute fruit stands on the way and amazing views in every direction. I highly recommend taking this trip if you live anywhere in the Okanagan or are even just visiting!