Visiting Mission Hill Winery in West Kelowna, BC

Mission Hill winery located in West Kelowna, British Columbia with stunning views everywhere you look. This was defiantly my favourite stop on our wine tasting adventure through the wineries. Mission Hill wine is my personal favourite, I even ended up buying a bottle of a wine from the tasting we did. Mission Hill also holds summer concerts in one of the huge grassed area on the property, wow I wish I was quicker to grabbing tickets because most of them are sold out by now.

Mission Hill also features a restaurant with breathtaking views and a tasty menu. The restaurant may come out with a different menu to accommodate the change of season. I recommend eating here for dinner, because the winery is in a perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset.

I ended up buying a white wine after we did our wine tasting at Mission Hill called Late Harvest Vidal. If you have never tried this wine, I urge you to at least try it. This is the best tasting wine I have ever had.