How To Take The Best Travel Photos

Take photos with people

t makes photos more personal, more memorable and gives them a sense of scale and place.

Play with reflections and symmetry

Symmetry brings aesthetically pleasing balance and proportion into photography

Forget selfies

They are not cool anymore

Use the rule of third

Divide the picture up into thirds (you will eventually have 9 equal squares) and place your main object on the interception of lines. A specific function is available in every camera app settings.

Get down low for a more interesting perspective

This can give your viewers a more unique view of the landscape


We’re often told that a photograph is worth a thousand words. As a photographer, it’s your job to convey those words. Figure out how to tell that story with your image. Get the shots that pull your viewers into your stories.

Crop it. Don’t zoom it.

Zooming into photos can make the photo's quality really blurry.