Travel Beauty Tips

Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, the art of "getting there" can wreak havoc on our skin and hair. This can be especially tricky due to space and TSA restrictions, you can't take along every single one of your favorite beauty products with you. So if you are planning a vacation or maybe taking a weekend road trip with girlfriends keep these tips in mind the next time you hit the road. They will help your skin and hair stay in better shape, plus they will make you feel better during your travels.

Ziplock bags are your best friend.

Not only does TSA ask that you pack all your liquids together in one, but even if not traveling by plane ziplock bags are a lifesaver for organization, they are clear and take up essentially no extra space. Hair accessories, bobby pins and hair bands, Q-Tips and cotton pads you name it, can easily be stored and organized in these clear bags. This will make getting ready so much easier!

We also love doubling ziplock bags for spill-prone liquids to keep the rest of our belongings safe. The air pressure during plane rides can make liquids do crazy things (like mysteriously spill out of their sealed tight containers), so put a piece of scotch tape around the seal and put the product in its own ziplock bag. That way it won't damage anything else if it does end up spilling.

Treat as you travel.

Whether traveling by car or 35,000 feet in the air, it's a nice opportunity to go makeup free. Instead of letting makeup sit on your skin in the midst of that recycled air, why not use this as a chance to treat your skin to something special? Try a clear mask. No one will know it's there and you can remove it with a facial cleansing wipe afterwards.

Hydrate more than you'd think.

Especially if traveling by plane, it's important to keep your body and skin hydrated because the air at such high altitudes is very dry. There's nothing worse than showing up to your destination with flaky skin and a tired, dull complexion! Drink plenty of water—and don't just rely on that little cup the flight attendant gives you. Experts say to drink at least 8 ounces per hour while traveling. I never travel without my swell bottle, take it empty and fill up in the terminal before taking off.

As for added skin hydration, slather on your favorite moisturizer and freshen up periodically with a hydrating mist. This will help lock in moisture in the skin.

Pack products that multitask.

The last thing you're going to want on a trip is an overflow of products crowding your space. Instead, pack multi-purpose products to keep it simple. How about a tinted cream stain that can be used as a cheek and lip color? The Josie MaranArgan Infinity Lip And Cheek Cream is your answer. A sunscreen that also doubles as an oil-absorbing face powder? Check out the Mineral Fusion Brush-On Sun Defense. What about a dry shampoo that also texturizes and adds volume to the hair? I really love R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo, plus it comes in a travel size!

Go tiny.

Use all the free samples you get in your beauty subscription box and from beauty stores like Sephora for travel! You can finish most small items while vacationing, so toss the empty packaging before heading home. That's less to pack, fewer items to bring home, and less unpacking once home!

Perk up your eyes.

If the car is your mode of transportation, you probably have the ability to pack a mini-cooler with some drinks, snacks, and ice. If your eyes get puffy during travel, stick a spoon in the cooler, too! Putting the rounded side on your eyes during travel will de-puff them and make you feel refreshed. We like going all out and doing this same practice around the nose, on the chin, and along the cheek contours, too.

If staying in a hotel, you can have a little mid-trip treat by keeping your eye cream in the mini-fridge. A swollen face won't stand a chance.

Get up and go.

Rest up while traveling, but get up and move every couple of hours (if you're able). It will get the blood flowing! At the very least, try pointing then flexing your feet over and over, which will promote circulation. There's nothing worse than when your legs go to sleep during long travels—and this should prevent that!

What are some of your travel beauty secrets, I’d love to hear them in the comments below..