How To Travel Abroad With A Food Allergy

Having a food allergy, especially if it's anaphylactic (life threatening) can make traveling seem difficult or nearly impossible because of language barriers. I am allergic to all nuts, with peanuts being the worst of my allergy. I have dealt with my allergy since I was four years old and I have not let it determine where I can travel. Below I listed some of the common allergies and translated it in nine languages. If you have one of these allergies listed below and are traveling to a destination that speaks a foreign language, copy the phrase and place the name of your allergy into the blank space on a separate paper or document and print it a couple times. This is extremely important when going out to restaurants, you can show the waiter your card and they should understand that you have a serious allergy.

Another thing you can get is an allergy card in the language that the locals speak in the destination you are traveling to. The card above is an example of an English Nut Allergy card. These cards can be made in any language and for any allergy. Click HERE to customize your own!


I am allergic to _____ / My child is allergic to _____

  • Milk

  • Eggs

  • Peanuts

  • Tree nuts (brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts)

  • Fish

  • Shellfish

  • Wheat

  • Soy


Sono allergica a _____ / Mio figlio/ Mia figlia è allergico/allergica ____

  • al latte

  • all’uova

  • alle arachide

  • alle noce o alla frutta secca

  • al pesce

  • al crostaceo

  • al grano

  • alla soia


Ich bin allergisch auf _____ / Mein Kind ist allergisch auf _____

  • Milch

  • Eier

  • Erdnüsse

  • Nüsse (Paranüsse, Haselnüsse, Mandeln und Walnüsse)

  • Fisch

  • Schalentiere

  • Weizen

  • Soja


Je suis allergique à _____ / Mon enfant est allergique à _____

  • (au) lait

  • (aux) œufs

  • (aux) cacahuètes

  • (aux) noix (noix du Brésil, noisettes, amandes et noix)

  • (aux) poissons

  • (aux) crustacés

  • (au) blé

  • (au) soja


Soy alérgico(a) a _____ / Mi niño(a) es alérgico(a) a _____

  • la leche

  • los huevos

  • los cacahuates

  • Nueces (castañas, avellanas, almendras y nueces de castilla)

  • pescado

  • mariscos

  • trigo

  • soya


Jestem uczulony na _____ / Moje dziecko jest uczulone na _____

  • mleko

  • jajka

  • orzeszki ziemne

  • orzechy (orzechy brazylijskie, orzechy laskowe, migdały i orzechy włoskie)

  • rybę

  • skorupiaki

  • pszenicę

  • soja


Eu sunt alergic la _____ / Copilul meu este alergic la _____

  • Lapte

  • Oua

  • Arahide

  • alune, migdale, nuci

  • Peşte

  • Crustacee

  • Grâu

  • Soia

Chinese (Mandarin)

我對_______過敏. / 我的孩子對________過敏.

  • 牛奶

  • 雞蛋

  • 花生

  • 米堅果(巴西堅果,榛子,杏仁 和 胡桃)

  • 貝類

  • 小麥

  • 黃豆




  • 牛乳

  • タマゴ

  • ピーナッツ

  • 木の実(ブラジルナッツ、ヘイゼルナッツ、アーモンド、クルミ)

  • 甲殻類、貝類

  • 小麦

  • 大豆