Staying on a Luxury Cruise Ship | Allure Of The Seas

The Allure Of The Seas is the one of the largest cruise ship in the entire world! The ship has everything from a rock climbing wall, to a beautiful boardwalk and it even has a negative edge hot tub. The list of amenities goes on forever and ever because the ship is so gigantic! The staff all over the ship are all extremely friendly and easy to talk to. The boat is perfect for everyone in the family, no matter what age! For younger kids under 12 years of age, there are kids clubs where you can meet other kids and have a good time! For kids 12 - 17 there is a hangout room for everyone and there are tons of special activities throughout the days at sea where you can go and meet up with some of your new friends. Teens who are 15-17 years old get their own club, where there is tons of dancing with music put on by a stellar DJ. And of course, there are tons of bars and clubs to visit all around the ship for those who are 18+.

At every port, the boat is positioned for all the amazing pictures taken with the "Allure Of The Seas." The cruise I went on stopped at three different ports; Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maartin. Each port was unique and amazing in its own way and I highly recommend this cruise and this ship specifically.

Around the cruise ship there are many different view points where you can snap the perfect shot. I have heard on some cruises, you may see some marine life such as dolphins or whales, but unfortunately they were not out when we were sailing by.

Leaving the cruise ship after seven days was heartbreaking because I loved it so much. If you are planning a cruise, but you are still deciding the details, check out the Royal Caribbean website and look at some of the pictures onboard the Allure Of The Seas. If you have any more questions or comments about my stay or any of the ports I was at, leave a comment below!

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