19 Reasons To Visit Vancouver

1. We have an incredible food scene

2. And coffee scene

3. We have some of the best and most beautiful hikes in the entire world.

4. We host awesome musical festivals (Pemberton and Fvded)

5. British Columbia is the home to Whistler which is ranked as a top ski resort in the world

6. Many movies and tv shows are constantly being filmed in Vancouver, you may run into some celebrities

7. We are very festive for the holiday season

8. There are tons of Airbnb's and hotels that are unique and cool

9. We host some of the best fans for our sports teams (Canucks, Whitecaps, Lions)

10. We have FREE outdoor movies throughout the summer months

11. We experience all four seasons

12. We are a quick ferry ride over to Tofino (world class surfing)

13. Tons of beaches within the city

14. Our lakes and waterfalls are amazing

15. Some of the best Sushi in the world

16. The people are extremely friendly

17. The mountain views are spectacular in every direction

18. The Stanley Park Seawall is the longest uninterrupted walk along the water in the world

19. Vancouver is one of the best cities in Canada