5 Romantic Destinations In Vancouver

1. Ambleside Beach, West Vancouver

Ambleside beach is located in West Vancouver and is in a great location; it is close to restaurants and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts. The beach has lots of area to sit in the sand and allows for some great photo opportunities. The only time you can really enjoy yourself at any beach in Vancouver, is in the Summer (June, July and August) because the ocean water can get very cold in every other season. It's always fun to walk down the beach, hand in hand with your soul mate, with the cool summer breeze.

2. Seawall at Stanly Park

Walking the seawall in Vancouver is a must if you are ever in town. Vancouver has the world's longest uninterrupted waterfront path. The 28 km Seaside Greenway is an uninterrupted pathway, including the Stanley Park Seawall, that extends from the Vancouver Convention Centre to Spanish Banks Park. Perfect for a walk, cycle, or jog, it is the most popular recreational spot in the city. This is a great way to have fun, and see the beautiful city with your partner.

3. Granville Island

Granville Island is a shopping district known for its public market, brewery & thriving artist community. It features lots of great restaurants and some of the most tasty Gelato, while looking at the high rises in Vancouver. The shopping here is very unique and would be a great place to go with your significant other to get a souvenir or just see some of the Vancouver culture.

4. Okanagan Interior

A short road trip, only taking 4 hours from Vancouver is the Okanagan Interior. The Okanagan has the beautiful lake and a more relaxing feel than the rush in the city of Vancouver. This is for sure worth the drive! The famous Sparkling Hill Resort sits on small mountain facing the water in Kelowna. If you're ever in Vancouver and you have a few extra days, this place creates romanticism.

5. Local Mountains (Winter)

Vancouver has some of the best skiing and all the mountains are decently close to the city. Seymour, Grouse, Cypress; these are just a few of them. Not only do they having skiing, but Grouse in particular has an outdoor skating rink, which is always a fun activity with your significant other. If you two don't ski, these winter activities are not out of the equation. There is skating and even winter tubing that makes for a fun activity for the two of you.