Disneyland Fashion Inspiration

The happiest place on Earth has lots and lots of photo opportunities that you will want to cherish forever. To ensure the photos are great, you must wear outfits that best suit you and California; but you also need to make sure it is comfortable because you will be doing a lot of walking.

Day 1

This outfit consists of a crop tank top with high wasted, stretchy black shorts. This outfit was perfect for photo opportunities and it looked great with my little black fanny pack that I use with every outfit instead of carrying around a purse. It's comfy, easy to move around in and it makes my but look better than normal ;)

Day 2

As you will be able to notice, I'm wearing the same shorts and same shoes as day 1, this is a huge benefit when traveling because you don't need to pack as much. These black shorts can be worn with any crop top and look great! The shoes I'm wearing are called Nike Air Maxes, they are extremely comfy and make me look a bit taller.

Day 3

On the last day in Disneyland, it was a little overcast; but don't be fooled, you can get burnt through the clouds! It was a little chillier in the morning so I came to the park with a light, grey, long-sleeved shirt over my outfit. Later in the day, the sun came out, so I took of the long-sleeved shirt and wore a longer, loose crop top with a pair of jean shorts.