Easy Ways To Save Money For Travel

1. Natural Beauty

Waxing, tanning, hair styling, etc... How much money could you save if you simply maintained your natural hair colour? It can get ridiculously pricy if you are trying to keep a certain colour, you are perfect just the way you are! I personally don't die my hair anymore, I let the sun do it's job or if I am really keen on having blonde hair, I squeeze juice from lemons in my wet hair and lay out in the sun for a while. This sneaky trick is cheap and a lot healthier for your hair.

2. Dine In

The amount of money spent on going out to restaurants and even just picking up fast food can get very pricy. Not only does it cost more money than dining in, but it isn't helping your bikini body either.

3. Make it Public

Tell the people around you about your goal. Research shows that if you tell someone what your goal is, and if your write it down, you are much more likely to be successful. Tell your parents, tell your friends, and even your co-workers that you are taking this trip.

4. Coffee

Coffee is a daily expense that will quickly drain your bank account. Let me put this in perspective for you... Your daily coffee costs you about $5 per day, which turns into $150 per month. This leads me to the whopping $1800 that you are spending at Starbucks every day. I guess you have to ask yourself what's more important, your Starbucks habit or spending more time on the beaches of Hawaii or exploring the culture in Haiti.

5. Entertainment

Nobody likes missing out on going out to the movies with friends or going shopping at the mall, but depending on what you want, you have to make that choice. If you cut out 80% of the entertainment you usually go to on a monthly bases, you will see the growth in savings in your bank account start to sky rocket quickly.