Dinosaur Provincial Park is located in Patricia, Alberta which is about a two and a half hours East of Calgary. The park is famous for it's landscapes and abundance of dinosaur fossils (shocker, given the name). The park has a campground if you're looking for a weeken...

Everyone wants to find the best places to shoot photos that are considered "Instagram worthy." If you can check off these places when you're visiting Vancouver, you'll be sure to get the best photos and have the best time! 

1. Gastown  

305 Water St, Vancouver

2. Van...

This was my first time to Crowsnest Pass, Alberta which is located Southwest Alberta in the Rocky Mountains. I stayed in a mobile home in Hillcrest which is a tiny little town with a population of around 500-700 people who live there. Within the Crowsnest Pass there ar...

  1. Flights

    • The biggest expense for some trips can be the airfare, especially if you are travelling to a different country or continent (or you live in Canada). 

    • There are many applications out there like Hopper which you can select travel locations and...

New York City has to be on your TRAVEL BUCKET LIST! A lot of people make excuses for not visiting the big apple because they say they can just see pictures of it, NOT TRUE. The feeling you get being in the middle of time square or Central Park and seeing it with your o...

Phoenix is known for it's super hot temperatures in the summertime and year-round warm weather. Arizona's heat is very dry so it is imperative to stay hydrated. There are tons of hikes and activities you can go do in Arizona as well as many affordable places to stay, e...

 Calgary, Alberta is a beautiful city that is known for hosting the legendary Calgary Stampede every summer and home to many tall skyscrapers, and incredible restaurants. The legal adult age in Calgary is 18, which is a year younger than most provinces in Canada. I vis...

 Most people think Labadee, Haiti is an island, but its actually a peninsula contiguous with the island of Hispaniola. It is home to beautiful beaches and views and many activities. 


Since Labadee is mostly populated with tourists who come off of the cruise ship...

It's getting close to Spring which also means SPRING BREAK! I wanted to make this list of the best beaches in the world for those people who LOVE to cross destinations off their travel bucket lists! I have been to many, many beaches and these five places are definite f...

Mission Hill Winery 

Kelowna Mountain

Gyro Beach 

Rose Valley (Small Hike)

Gellatly Park

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